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  Name Title
Joey Adams Adams, Joey Athletic Director
Kristy Adams Adams, Kristy Finance Manager
John Albritton Albritton, John Maintenance
Jeannie Aldred Aldred, Jeannie HS Math
Katy Aldred Aldred, Katy Media Specialist
Justin Barnes Barnes, Justin Bible Teacher
Hunter Bennett Bennett, Hunter
Emily Bradshaw Bradshaw, Emily 1st Grade
Ed Brown Brown, Ed
Diane Burch Burch, Diane Registrar, Secretary-Academic Affairs
Katrina Burch Burch, Katrina HS Eng
Larry Burch Burch, Larry IT Director
Ricky Butts Butts, Ricky HS Bible
Auburn Chason Chason, Auburn
Leslie Childs Childs, Leslie Preschool 4
Erin Chupek Chupek, Erin MS English/SS
Ronnie Cottrell Cottrell, Ronnie Director of Development / Head Football Coach
Deborah Curry Curry, Deborah Elementary Principal
Amanda Davidson Davidson, Amanda 4th Grade
Beatrice Deatherage Deatherage, Beatrice After School Care
Mindy Eldridge Eldridge, Mindy Instructor
John Evers Evers, John Middle School Principal
Donna Fickling Fickling, Donna Lower Elementary Secretary
April Gibbons Gibbons, April K3 Teacher
Eric Gray Gray, Eric Associate Minister
Lindy Guidry Guidry, Lindy 5th Grade Teacher
Madeline Gwin Gwin, Madeline Homemaker/Mobile Christian 5th Grade Teacher
Jackie Haines Haines, Jackie PE, Volleyball
Talley Haines Haines, Talley PE, Baseball
Allison Haynes Haynes, Allison Executive Assistant
Mark Hilbert Hilbert, Mark 5th Grade Teacher
Kara Hodges Hodges, Kara School Counselor
Robbin Holder Holder, Robbin Band, Health
Andrew Howell Howell, Andrew 8th grade Bible
Amy Huddle Huddle, Amy Social Studies
Debbie Hyder Hyder, Debbie Housekeeper
Suzanne Jay Jay, Suzanne Bookstore Mgr, Upper Receptionist
Jennifer Joiner Joiner, Jennifer MS Math
Tony Kendall Kendall, Tony Social Studies, Jr. Honor Society
Kathryn Lancaster Lancaster, Kathryn Second Grade
Cindy Loftin Loftin, Cindy Cafeteria
Laura Lowry Lowry, Laura Athletic Trainer
Brandie May May, Brandie HS Math Teacher
Anna McGilberry McGilberry, Anna Third Grade
Marilyn McGowan McGowan, Marilyn MS Math/Science
Shanece McKinney McKinney, Shanece
Kristy McPherson McPherson, Kristy Cafeteria
Britney Mitchell Mitchell, Britney HS Girls Bible
Clint Mitchell Mitchell, Clint Middle and High School Principal
Djuana Moore Moore, Djuana Life Skills, Health
Shay Moore Moore, Shay
Marsha Oakes Oakes, Marsha Learning Tree
David Pahman Pahman, David Head of School
Sarah Pahman Pahman, Sarah Chief Financial Officer
Autumn Parker Parker, Autumn Assistant Counselor
Brenda Paul Paul, Brenda Middle School Science
Lacey Phillips Phillips, Lacey
Will Phillips Phillips, Will
Kelly Pitts Pitts, Kelly Teacher/Coach
Becky Powell Powell, Becky Second Grade
James Powell Powell, James MS Science/Biology
Kathy Presley Presley, Kathy First Grade
Jan Rabren Rabren, Jan
Hannah Raines Raines, Hannah First Grade
Allie Ratcliff Ratcliff, Allie Director of Admissions
Patrice Sargent Sargent, Patrice K3
Brittani Sigle Sigle, Brittani 4th Grade/Cross Country
Danny Smith Smith, Danny Athletics
Heather Smith Smith, Heather Elementary Computer
Jason Smith Smith, Jason Bible/Baseball
Jessica Smith Smith, Jessica Receptionist
Korianne Stout Stout, Korianne
Nathan Stout Stout, Nathan
Alex Teague Teague, Alex Chemistry, A&P
Natalie Teague Teague, Natalie Spanish I & II
Alison Tew Tew, Alison MS English/SS
Bethany Todd Todd, Bethany MS English/Yearbook
Gerren Wasden Wasden, Gerren
Jennifer Wilson Wilson, Jennifer Drama Teacher
Paul Wisdom Wisdom, Paul
Bre Yrabedra Yrabedra, Bre K5