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TUITION 2023-24 IF PAID BY JULY 1, 2023


                                     First                *12 Month       Second              Third+          
                                   Oldest                                      Oldest                Oldest

Grades PreK3-K5     $6,385.00        $548.05            $5,965.00          $4,000.00  

Grades 1-5                 $6,990.00       $599.98           $5,945.00           $4,030.00       

Grades 6-8                $7,850.00        $673.79           $6,695.00           $4,595.00         

Grades 9-12               $8,075.00       $693.10           $6,750.00           $4,635.00         

*Families who pay on a monthly bank draft plan are assessed a 3% installment fee. This does not include required registration, class, technology and FACTS fees.

Registration Fee Per Student                                                
Paid January - Feb        $200                                         
Paid March-April 30     $250                                          
Paid after April 30        $300
**This does not include an annual $10 FACTS enrollment fee.                                          


International Student Fee                                  $1,000

Class Supply Fees
(Includes but not limited to art, paper, supplies, etc.)
K-3 to K-5                                                                   $250
Class Material Fees
(Includes but not limited to text book rental, testing fees, paper and lab supplies etc.)
Grades (1-12)                                                              $375
Technology Fee
Grades (1-12)                                                              $150
Before School Care (6:30-7:30 a.m.)
Per Child                            Hourly $5
After School Care (3:00-6:00 p.m.)
Per Child                             Hourly $5      Weekly $60


NOTICE: Upon acceptance of registration and payment of fees your child will be registered for 2023-24 school year.  You are then responsible for paying the tuition fees and related expenses for the entire academic year.  Even so, withdrawal prior to May 1 may be approved without penalty, upon the mutual consent of both parties.  However, applicable fees are non-refundable.  Withdrawal from May 1 -July 1 may be approved with an early withdrawal assessment of $300 and upon consent of the Board of Trustees.  After July 1, 2023, no portion of fees paid will be refunded nor outstanding accounts will be canceled in the event of absence, withdrawal, or dismissal of your child, except of extenuating circumstances as approved by the Board of Trustees (in such event an early withdrawal fee equal to at least one month's tuition will apply.)