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Frequently asked questions:

What do your students have for lunch?  
Our lunches are very popular. We survey our students often to get their feedback on the cafeteria. While we do not have a full-service kitchen, we do cater in food every day. Currently, we use: Zaxby's, Firehouse Subs, Asian Garden, Chick-fil-A, and Papa John's. We offer a variety from these restaurants every day. Students can bring their lunch any day. 
Do you have sports for elementary students?
We have athletics for students starting at 3 years old and continuing through the 12th grade. We start basketball and cheerleading at K3, and soccer at K5. We start playing other schools in 3rd grade and have a 3rd/4th grade and a 5th/6th grade football, cheerleading, basketball, soccer, volleyball and track teams. Beginning in 7th grade, we participate in the Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA). According to the AHSAA, after the beginning of 7th grade, if someone moves to Mobile Christian School, they must sit out for one calendar year unless they have had a bona fide move inside the city limits of Mobile. For more information, see the Athletics part of our website.
With what religious group is Mobile Christian School affiliated?

Mobile Christian School is affiliated with the Church of Christ. All of our Board Members and many of our staff are also affiliated with the Church of Christ. The Church of Christ is a non-denominational group that seeks to follow and teach the Bible only. We do have students from all different kinds of faith and some that have no religious affiliation that attend here, feel comfortable, and enjoy studying the Bible. Our goal is for every student to know the Bible better and have a closer relationship with God through their time at Mobile Christian School.

What electronics are used in the classroom?

Each 6th-12th grade student is required to have a Chromebook for school use. Each classroom is also equipped with an interactive whiteboard or smart board. Our elementary students visit the computer lab weekly, and they also have access to Chromebooks in their classroom.