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As is the case with most, if not all private and Christian independent schools in our great nation, tuition and fees alone do not cover all of our necessary expenses in any given school year. At Mobile Christian School that shortfall equates to about $23,000. While we would certainly like for that number to decrease, our research indicates that we have a much smaller deficiency than most similar schools. We have accomplished this low number by utilizing wise spending practices including, but not limited to competitive building on our contracts and other expenses, as well as, a structured purchase order process. We will certainly continue these sound business practices and work to lower the percentage of the deficit each year.

                We strive to get 100% of our board members and employees to contribute to the annual fund each year. In past years we have accomplished this goal and are well above 90% thus far this year.

                As you consider your charitable giving options, we ask that you prayerfully consider Mobile Christian School in your plans. While there are many worthy causes out there, surely there can be no greater opportunity than to assist in the educational preparation of a child. We believe, as do you, that a Christian based education will best prepare our children for success in this life and for eternity.

                If you would like to contribute to  Mobile Christian School  please contact us at 251- 661-1613 or click below to donate.

                Thank you for your support of Mobile Christian School. May God bless you as you bless the school with your prayers, time, and gifts.

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