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Preschool Curriculum       



Mobile Christian School's 3K Program provides a loving Christian atmosphere where children may grow in their knowledge of God, themselves, and the world.  The preschool curriculum is designed to provide children with a variety of enrichment and readiness experiences.  Our ultimate goal is to prepare children for a successful 4K experience.  Our students use the Abeka curriculum for reading and math. In addition, our 3K students visit art, music, and the library on a weekly basis, and they have physical education and chapel daily.  


The 4K Program at Mobile Christian is designed to provide an atmosphere that encourages, stimulates and challenges our students through a well-structured curriculum.  Following a daily routine the child's needs are met socially, emotionally, physically, academically, and spiritually. The program is designed to give the student a good feeling about school in order to prepare him/her for an enjoyable experience in Kindergarten.  Students learn Bible stories and have chapel on a daily basis.  Our 4K students use the Abeka curriculum for reading and math.  They also have weekly lessons in music, art, technology, Spanish, and library.