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For younger students, we are offering Corn dogs for $1.50, Hot Pockets for $2.50.

Feel free to send your child something from home that we can put in the warmers or refrigerator.

Capri-sun drinks available to elementary students for .$50, small drinks for $.50, Large drinks (6th-12th grade only) $1.00, Yoo Hoo $1.00, Assorted juices $1.00, assorted snacks $.50-$2.00, and assorted ice cream $.50-$2.00.



Monday           Zaxby's 

                       2 piece $3.00

                       4 piece $4.00

                       Nibbler $3.50

                       Fried Sandwich $4.00

                       Grilled Sandwich $4.50

                       Fried Salad $5.50

                       Grilled Salad $6.00

                       *All Tenders and Sandwich Meals come with

                        chips and cookie ONLY , NO Drink.

Tuesday          Firehouse

                        Subs-Hook and Ladder, Pizza, Meatball, Italian Roast Beef, and Chili

                        3" Subs and Grilled Cheese (K3-5th grade ONLY) $3.00 sandwich only/ $4.00 combo

                        6" Subs $4.00 sandwich only/ $6.00 combo

                        Chopped Salad $5.00

                        *Firehouse combos include sandwich, chips, drink, and cookie


Wednesday     Chick-Fil-A

                        6 piece $3.50

                        8 piece $4.00

                        Fried Chicken Sandwich $4.00

                        Spicy Chicken Sandwich $4.50

                        Grilled Market Salad $7.50

                        Chips $1.00

                        Cookie $.50

                        *All item are A la carte*

                        *No combos or drinks included

                        Firehouse Subs (Hook & Ladder, Pizza, Meatball, Italian)

                         3" Sandwich and Grilled Cheese (K3-5th only) $3.00 sandwich/ $4.00 combo

                        6" Sandwich  $4.00 sandwich/ $6.00 combo

                       Chopped Salad $5.00

Thursday        San Miguel 

                       Small $4.00

                       Large $6.00

                      * Menu to be announced each week

                       Asian Gardens

                       Small meals $4.00

                       Large meals $6.00

                       *Menu will be announce each week

                       Small fried rice $3.50

                       Egg Rolls $1.25 each

                       Meals are not combos and do not include a drink

Friday             Papa John's Pizza Day!

                       Sausage, Pepperoni, Cheese  $1.50 per slice


                       Salad or Chili