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Take the PSAT even if it was taken last year.  High scores on this test can help qualify for a National Merit Scholarship -- Review transcript to ensure that all the Core 40 academic requirements are being met Discuss college interests with parents, counselors and friends 
Take interest inventories to help determine possible career paths Use online tools to help you select post-secondary institutions that meet your needs Schedule campus visits for the colleges that you are interested in attending.  Create a separate folder for each potential college.  Make a checklist of the admissions requirements (transcripts, application fees, test scores, letters of recommendation, essays and financial aid applications.
-If you want to participate in Div 1 or 2 sports in college, start the certification process (  Make sure you are taking the core curriculum that meets NCAA requirements. 

- Register and prepare for the SAT or ACT.  Select colleges and universities that should receive scores.  Once the scores    arrive in the mail, review them with a guidance counselor to see how the scores relate to qualifications for specific      colleges  and scholarships.  Consider retaking the test with stronger preparation if unhappy with scores.
- Begin to actively search for college scholarships Update list of all involvement, awards and recognitions
- Explore enrolling in ACP/Advanced Placement courses next year with guidance counselor to see how the scores relate to  qualifications for specific colleges and scholarships. 
- Consider retaking the test with stronger preparation if unhappy with scores.