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Neecy Burch - Parent  

"As I watch my daughters grow from year to year, it has become apparent that MCS is more than just a school…it is more like an extension of our family.  The memories they are making will last for a long time, but more importantly, the love for Christ that they have learned at MCS will last forever."

Eric Gray - Parent

"As a parent of a student and as a youth minister to many students at MCS, I see the difference that Mobile Christian makes in the lives of young people on a daily basis. As a parent, it's so encouraging to know my child is being taught by people who love God and love my child. The teachers at MCS truly want my child to grow spiritually as much as academically. As a youth minister, I see the difference it makes for students to grow up learning about the Bible, going to chapel, and seeing Jesus in the lives of their teachers while learning about subjects like math, history, and English. I'm thankful for Mobile Christian School and the impact MCS makes on the lives of young people."

Caitlyn Avery - 5th Grade Student

“I'm in the 5th grade and I love this school because we have chapel and learn about God every day. We are kind of like a big family! The teachers will stop what they are doing or teaching to help you understand your work. The teachers also let us have our own opinion about things. I really love that we can order our lunches and pick what we want to eat! The elementary students can play sports to get better and be ready to play high school sports when we get older.”

Emma McPherson - 5th Grade Student

“Wow, I have a lot of reasons to love Mobile Christian. I have been going to this school since I was in PreK-4 and now I'm in the fifth grade. I like when we talk about God every day. Everyone looks out for you in case something happens. The teachers don’t mind helping if you need help with your work and she doesn’t make you feel guilty!  Since I’ve been here, I have had some good teachers. We always have an opportunity to do different things.”