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When will the new elementary building be built?  

The new elementary complex is expected to break ground in the Spring of 2018. The city permitting and engineering are already underway. The first step will be to build the new entrance and exit which is expected to start at the beginning of 2018.

How long will this project take?

The building of new building and repurposing of the current ones will take three years. 

Where will the new building be built?

The new elementary building will be built in front of the upper elementary, facing Cottage Hill Rd.

Will this mean I can't park in the grass in front of the upper elementary?

This new building will be in front of upper elementary where cars park after school. We have been working with a traffic engineer that specializes in traffic for Mobile County public schools and have come up with a solution to have cars flow around our campus during drop off and pick up at a faster pace, getting cars off Cottage Hill Rd. This new design will also increase the number of parking spaces we have currently. With this new design, you will be able to get in line, wait for your children to be dismissed, and then be able to easily leave campus. 

Will there still be a lower and upper elementary?

No, this new building will have all K3 through 5th grade together in one new building.

Will the old elementary buildings be torn down?

No. The current upper elementary will be repurposed into a new cafeteria and special area classes. The current lower elementary will become the middle school building. 

Will dismissal times stay the same?

Currently, the K3 through 1st grade dismiss at 2:50 from the lower elementary and the 2nd through 5th grade dismiss at 3:00 from the upper elementary. Having all elementary students in one building will make it easier at dismissal times and we are in discussion now if a time change is necessary. 

How much money will it cost to build this new building?

The proposed cost of this addition is $2.6 million.

How much money has been raised?

Through advanced giving opportunities, we already have $1.65 million committed.

What is being done to raise the rest of the money?

That is where this Vision 2020 Campaign comes in! We are giving everyone an opportunity to participate in our three year campaign. We are asking you to consider a gift to the school to be spread out over the next three years. Also, we will have a friendly competition to see which grade can get 100% participation from families. Any amount given will be appreciated, used strictly for this campaign, and be a tax deductible gift. 

Will I be acknowledged for giving to this campaign?

Yes. At the end of the 2017-2018 school year, we will send out an annual report in our final Panorama of the year to share our progress. It will list you as a donor. You also have the opportunity to make a gift to be given in honor of someone or in memory of someone. These will also be listed in our Panorama. 

I don't have children in elementary so why should I give?

This project will not only affect our elementary, but our whole school. With these improvements our elementary children starting in K3 will have state of the art classrooms, technology, and facilities. Our middle school (grades 6th through 8th) will have their own building for classes, making the high school building not as crowded in the classrooms and hallways. Also, this project will give us opportunites to upgrade our extracurricular spaces including our fine arts department as well as our athletic department. 

How else can I help?

If you know other individuals or businesses that would be interested in participating in our campaign, ask if they would like to participate or let us know. We will be happy to go meet with anyone to explain our campaign to them. Most importantly, you can pray that this campaign is a success. Our investment in MCS is an investment in our children and we strive to invest in the future of our children as they prepare to serve God, family, and fellow man.