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High School Technology


The Mobile Christian School Technology Department holds responsibility for all of the computers, LCD projectors, phones, printers, copiers and public address systems for the school. As well, we maintain a network that contains miles of computer cable and fiber optic lines.

As of the start of the 15-16 school year, we had 180 computers, 40 LCD projectors (37 ceiling mounted), 3 computer labs and complete network wifi coverage in every classroom on campus. Our client workstations run either Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and we use Office 2010 or 2013 in all of our labs.

In the summer of 2010, 35 interactive whiteboards were installed in all major classrooms.  In October 2010 three more whiteboards were order for MCS.  These boards were funded by the PTFA. And training was made available to all staff members.

It is great to walk down the hall and see technology at work.  Many of our teachers use the interactive boards every period of every school day.


Did you know?

We are a BYOI (Bring Your Own IPad) school.  All textbooks from 4th grade though 12th grade can be viewed or download to the student's IPad for use in the classroom and home.  No more heavy books to carry around.

We have over 800 devices on our network, consisting of computers, phones, printers, copiers, fax machines, wireless access points, switches, a firewall, and more.

We have a full fiber optic backbone that runs to each building on campus.

We have 5 servers that handle our web serving, database, file storage, back up, remote access, etc.

We have mostly Cisco switches and Xirrus APs throughout our network.

We have well over 3 Terabyte of storage on our servers (3,000 gigabytes)

We have three student computer labs, including one in the High School, one for the Elementary students and one in the Library.  We also have computers for students use in every elementary classroom as well.  A rolling cart of laptops is also avilable for teachers to checkut for their classroom from the library.

We have Wireless Internet covering our campus that is open to all students and the public.

We have 38 interactive white boards.

We are CIPA Compliant by filtering all Internet traffic for the safety of our students.


Certification Download Information

MCS uses the Fortinet certification on all secured websites.  Therefore all student devices must have certificate install.  Download it below.

Fortinet Certificate Download

The Americans Unit 1

The Americans Unit 5

Larry E. Burch

Technology Coordinator