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MCS Honors Track               College Prep Track


9th Grade                                      9th Grade


Honors English                                             English

Honors World History                                   World History

Honors Biology                                             Biology

Honors Geometry                                         Algebra I

Bible/Bible Chorus                                        Bible/Bible Chorus

Health/ Career Prep B                                  Health/Career Prep B

Physical Education                                       Physical Education

** Marching Band can be substituted, but PE credit must be earned prior to graduation**

***Chorus is considered a fine art.  Concert Band is considered a Fine Art.


10th Grade                                    10th Grade


Honors English                                              English

Dual Enrollment Am. History 1301                 US History I*

Honors Physics                                              Physics

Honors Algebra II                                          Geometry

Spanish I                                                       Spanish I

Bible/Bible Chorus                                         Bible Chorus

Computer Elective                                         Computer Elective


11th Grade                                    11th Grade


Honors English                                              English

Dual Enrollment Western Civ. 2301              US History II*

Honors Chemistry                                         Chemistry

Honors Pre Calculus or Algebra III/Stats      Algebra II/Geometry 

Spanish II                                                     Spanish II                                                                                                                                                 

Bible/ Bible Chorus                                       Bible Chorus

Elective                                                         Elective


12th Grade                                    12th Grade


Dual Enrollment English Comp. I and II        British Literature

Honors Government & Economics               Government & Economics

Chemistry II/ ADV Physics                            Chemistry II

AP Calculus                                                  Algebra III/

Bible/Bible Chorus                                        PreCalculus

Elective                                                         Bible/Bible Chorus

Elective                                                         Elective

*                                                                    Elective


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9th Grade College Prep Course Selection

9th Grade Honors Course Selection

10th Grade College Prep Course Selection

10th Grade Honors Course Selection

11th Grade College Prep Course Selection

11th Grade Honors Course Selection

12th Grade College Prep Course Selection

12th Grade Honors Course Selection